We take back our personal data

from the centralized surveillance platforms

to our own decentralized Data Palaces in the metaverse

where we decide how our data is used and by whom.

  • Personal data is very valuable. So the internet has become a surveillance machine, which is bad for individuals, businesses and democracy.
  • Not that all this surveillance produces very good data either. Data collected against the user's will is incomplete and often out of date and inaccurate.
  • At Dazzle, we are working on a better model, where nobody needs to track anybody, the user is in control of their data, but sharing high-quality data with others is so safe that people and businesses can maximally benefit from its value without fear.
  • To do that, the Dazzle project has two parts: 1) innovative Data Palace software, 2) governance and oversight over the entire project by the Dazzle members.
  • Each owner of a Data Palaces can use it to confidently store and use and share their data with others they trust. The Data Palace owner is in control.
  • We make it easy for the Data Palace owner to fill their Data Palace with all that data that exists about them already, in places such as the big internet companies. Under data rights laws like the CCPA and the GDPR, the data owner has the right to get all that data from them.
  • Imagine what amazing new experiences can be built by developers using all this data! None of which will leak to unaccountable third parties. Instead, businesses can delight customers with just the thing they love, nobody ever has to fill out a form again that they previously filled out, and our valuable digital artifacts — like family photos — can be passed on safely to the next generation.
  • To make this all work, Dazzle makes its own rules. Anybody can become a member and get a vote, as long as they agree to the town rules. Those rules define who may or may not use the software, and under which conditions. Think of it as a town in the jungle of the internet — Dazzle.Town — where the town inhabitants set their own rules to make the town safer for people and businesses than the surveillance jungle.

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