The dream…

A region of the internet in which the rules of surveillance capitalism don’t apply.

Where users, and developers, and organizations, collaboratively and democratically decide what the rules are.

Where there is healthy competition, and constructive cooperation to maximize benefits for all stakeholders based on innovative technology that is meant to empower, not to manipulate.

In other words, a self-governed, innovative, functional virtual town. Dazzle.Town.

…with the wrong timing

Back in ca. 2022, there was a brief time when governance appeared to become another pillar of the technology landscape, joining code, and data as the third leg.

It did not turn out to be. Sure, lots of researchers keep working on it and are coming up with great systems. But awareness of the need for participatory technology governance, and wanting to participate, so far has not gotten the traction necessary in the real world to actually impact the world.

Next steps

So we are putting Dazzle.Town into hibernation, for now. The vision remains, the needs are clear, and we eagerly await the day when the timing will be better.

In the meantime, Dazzle Labs Inc. charges forward but as a more conventional commercial open source company. Check it out!